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years before they'll be able to live there again. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." south korea's president has told their military commanders be ready to respond to any north korean provocation. pack geun-hye has heard threat after threat from authorities in pyongyang. she's vowing to fight back without worrying about the political consequences. defense ministry officials briefed park on monday. she said she takes the recent string of north korean moves and threats very seriously. she acknowledged that the north koreans have scrapped a nonaggression treaty, cut off a military hotline and unilaterally announced they have entered a state of war with the south. >> translator: if any provocations happen against our people and our country, the military should respond powerfully early on without any political considerations. >> a navy commander briefed park by video link. he said north korean forces carried out a massive military drill last week near the border in the yellow sea. he added the north still had five vessels near the area. north korean authorities are pushing ahead with
>>> hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo. >>> heavily armed police are searching door to door for a suspect in boston's marathon bombings. tactical units have surrounded at least one house in watertown. the suburb has been the focus of an hour's long manhunt. a second suspect died there following a gunfight with police. police are hunting for 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. reports in u.s. media say the suspects are brothers originally from a russian region near chechnya. they say the dead suspect was 26 years old. reports say the brothers had been in the united states for several years. they also say the dead suspect had explosives on his body when he was captured. the manhunt kept people in the boston area on edge overnight and well into the next day. his father says he was a boxer and hoped to join the u.s. olympic team. and he said joe hdzhokhar was studying. ruslan sar any is their uncle. he urged dzhokhar to turn himself in and why he thought his nephews might have committed the bombing. >> what do you think provoked this? >> being losers, hatre
in the complex. it is source of badly needed currency for the north. nhk world covers the korean opinions for us. >> reporter: north korean leaders are being more provocative because of u.s. drills. it always triggers some sort of reaction. the north korean regime is taking this opportunity to build support for its young leader kim jong un. it's resulted in old tactic, launching out against an old enemy, the united states. the north korean are trying to heighten the sense of crisis. kim reportedly told a former star american basketball player that he wants to hear from president obama. here's what dennis rodman said in march after his visit to north korea. >> he want obama to to one thing. call him. >> he wants a call from president obama? >> yeah. he said if you can, dennis i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war. he said that to me. >> reporter: obama was reluctant to deal with them during his first term. now that he's started his second term they're hoeing he will change his position. i'm a little bit worried about one thing. kim jong un's predecessors have
coalition faces a challenge to its more than 50-year rule. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." malaysians are getting ready for a vote that could shake up politics as they've known it for decades. prime minister najib razak has dissolved parliament and will soon call an election. his long-ruling coalition will be in for a fight. patchari raksawong in bangkok has more on this story. patchari, good evening. >> good evening, gene. the prime minister is now going over the calendar, and deciding on an election date, whenever malaysians go to the polls, analysts expect najib's coalition will have to battle for an increasingly popular opposition. >> translator: this morning, i asked the king's consent to dissolve the 12th parliament as of april 3rd. his majesty gave his approval. >> reporter: najib razak showed a stern expression during his televised address. political analysts say opposition parties will be tough competition in the general election to be held as early as this month. since winning independence from the british empire in 1957, malaysian politics has been dominated by the national
>>> hello and welcome back to nhk "newsline." an earthquake has been reported. we'll bring you updates as we learn more. i repeat, a magnitude 6 earthquake hit western japan. it occurred at 5:33 a.m. japan time. the epicenter was at a depth of ten kilometers. we'll bring you updates as they become available. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has warned north korea to stop making threats. john kerry said it will be a grave mistake for them to carry out a test of a mid range missile. >> it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it will further isolate his country. kim jong-un needs to understand, as i think probably does, what the outcome of the conflict would be. >> kerry spoke some seoul after a meeting with his counterpart. >> we are all united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable. >> kerry met separately with president park. kerry is reported to say they should act with caution to keep the situation from escalating further. the meetings were aimed at diffu
>>> hello. welcome back to nhk world "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. >>> the south korean unification minister has advised he's telling business people in an industrial complex to leave the com flex in north korea. it is near the demilitarized zone, but it's been effectively closed since earlier this month and north korea is refusing to talk about reopening it. >> translator: our nationals remaining in the kaesong industrial zone are experiencing greater difficulties due to the north's unjust actions. so the government has come to the unavoidable decision to bring back all remaining personnel in order to protect them. >> north korea stopped allowing south korean workers to enter the complex on april 3rd. nearly 180 of them stayed behind in the facility to maintain their facilities. and on april 9th, authorities in pyongyang pulled out the more than 50,000 north koreans who work at kaesong for south korean firms. the unification ministry proposed holding talks on resuming operations, but north korean leaders refused. >> the north korean government stat
>>> hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo with the stories after this hour. >>> engineers working on the cleanup at the power plant hit another snag. radioactive water may have seeped out of a storage pond. a spokesperson for tokyo electric power company said engineers detected water on the pond outside of a waterproof sheet. the level of radioactivity is low. he said engineers will investigate what caused the problem and he said they plan to transfer the water to another pond. engineers dug the ponds to store ground would the water that floods into the reactor building and gets contaminated. they have to filter and store hundreds of tons every day. they reported a string of other problems, the cooling system for a fuel pool failed on friday. it was off line for three hours. and a power failure last month caused a blackout that lastedñ v transported poultry and a woman with no fixed occupation. one of the 31 people who recently had contact with her has a fever and is being treated in an isolated hospital unit. officials with the agriculture ministry say in
of fans. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korean leaders are pushing ahead with plans that could help them build up their nuclear weapons arsenal. the state-run korean central news agency says scientists in the reclusive nation will restart a reactor that can be used to produce plutonium. the unit is located in yongbyon north of the capital pyongyang. the reactor generates electricity and operators can use the spent fuel to make plutonium. north korean scientists have used plutonium in experiments, and analysts believe they have built several nuclear weapons with it. authorities shut down the reactor in 2007 and destroyed part of its infrastructure. that followed an agreement with members of the six-party talks. the group comprises the two koreas, the u.s., china, japan, and russia. north korean officials say their decision to restart all nuclear-related facilities in yongbyon is part of efforts to deal with an electricity shortage. they add it's in line with leader kim jong-un's pledge to rebuild the economy and strengthen the nuclear program at the same time. the spokesperson f
is finally over. haru haruki murakmi's book hits the self-s. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." the u.s. secretary of state says north korea has nothing to gain by making more threats and everything to lose. john kerry says the north's leaders must get serious about reviewing its missile and nuclear programs. he was in south korea where concerns are high that the north is about to test a midrange missile. >> that it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it would further isolate his country. kim jong-un needs to understand, as i think he probably does, what the outcome of the conflict would be. >> kerry spoke after meeting his south korean counterpart. >> we are all united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the rhetoric that we're hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable. >> kerry also met with south korean president park geun-hye. media reports say kerry urged park to respond with caution even if attacked to keep the situation from escalating further. kerry will not -- will travel next to china. he's scheduled to meet with pre
of the explosion. nhk world, boston. >>> the fbi says a granular substance contained in a letter addressed to president barack obama tested positive for the poisonous ricin. the u.s. secret service said the letter was intercepted as a white house mail screening facility on tuesday. press secretary jay carney says the president has been briefed on the letter and orders the investigation continue in the boston bombings first and say this is no indicated link between the letters and the bombing bombings. >> . >> the bombings in boston that killed and maimed people have his absolute focus. >> u.s. media say a suspicious letter was also found at the congressional office of republican senator richard shelby of alabama. and senator roger wicker was also targeted this week. >>> chinese warships patrolled disputes islands wednesday as part of an exercise. the senkaku islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. china's state-run media say the ships are part of their navy fleets, including a missile destroyer and a missile frigate. the vessels entered the waters on tuesday night
that develop natural resources. some chinese leaders are taking step to prove they're good partners. nhk reports. >> reporter: the city is home to china's largest wholesale market. they sell products ranging from clothing to general goods. many products are destined for export. a lot of africans travel here to buy goods. they come from sudan, ethiopia and other countries. this buyer specializes in jewelry. he buys rings and other accessories and sells them across east africa. >> in the business, you don't save while making a little money. we are progressing. so when we come to china and buy things for our country people like it. and that's why we come leer to buy. >> reporter: trade between china and africa is soaring. the total value has multiplied 20 times. by last year, it had reached $200 billion. but the trade is clearly balanced in clinton's favor. 60% of goods chinese sell to africans are electric appliances and machinery. but 70% of what chinese buy from africans are raw tieshls like oil or iron ore. some think this means africans have become dependent on clinton ease goods. two
. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korean military commanders seem to be raising the stakes. south korea's defense minister says they appear to have put a medium range ballistic missile into position. it's their latest threat in response to ongoing u.s./south korean military drills. defense minister kim kwan-jin spoke at parliamentary committee meeting. >> translator: it's not a long-range missile but it has considerable range. it could be for test firing or for drills. >> a recent u.s. intelligence image shows what looks like a ballistic missile being moved by train to east coast of north korea. the location of a launch site. kim's description matches that of a midrange missile known as musdun. the north koreans unveiled it in 2010 during a military parade. its estimated range of 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers puts it in striking distance of japan and a u.s. base on the pacific island of guam. south korean officials say they cannot rule out the possibility that authorities in pyongyang will fire the missile. they say they're closely monitoring activity in the north and are in contact w
setback. they say a third tank for storing radioactive water may have a leak. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korean officials have made more threats after weeks of them in a broadcast on state media. they warned all foreigners to leave south korea. >> translator: we urge all foreign nationals at institutes and companies, including tourists, to take evacuation measures out of seoul and south korea for their own safety. >> defense officials in seoul are worried this could be more than just talk. they say on wednesday the north korean military may launch a missile. >> translator: we could say that the north koreans are expected to fire a missile tomorrow, although the schedule could change. >> the north korean military has reportedly moved a midrange ballistic missile to the east coast. kim said it's not known whether they have notified international bodies of any launch plans. north korean officials have already warned foreign diplomats in their capital pyongyang that their safety could not be guaranteed in the event of a conflict. >>> officials from japan's defense ministry
to keep radioactive water from getting into the soil. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> south korean defense officials say north korea is ready to fire a ballistic missile from its eastern coast. officials are preparing for various scenarios. they say the north could fire a single missile or launch several at once. north korean forces moved what appear to be a mid range musudan missile to the coast last week. south korean and u.s. forces have been on high alert ever since. south korean official says the missile could be fired east towards the sea of japan or south to the pacific. >> translator: we're not taking any chances. north korea has test-fired missiles at dawn to surprise us in the past so we are monitoring them 24 hours a day with the united states. >> government officials in seoul say the north koreans appear to be preparing to launch other missiles, as well. scud missiles have a range of several hundred kilometers. rodong missiles have a range of about 1,300 kilometers. south korean officials believe >>> people in the region are thinking about how best to respond to
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in iran a assessing the damage after a powerful earthquake. iranian media say more than 40 people are dead. analysts say that the magnitude 7.8 earthquake his tuesday afternoon local time. they say it was 86 kilometers east/southeast of hash. they felt it in new delhi. some rushed out of buildings and waited in parking lot. in pakistan, there was the shaking in a tv station. >>> a magnitude tremor hit southern iran a week cool. plates that meet underneath have generated two major earthquakes in the last 20 years. . in 2003, a quake struck the southeastern city of baum. and a 7.7 tremor hit north western iran leading 30,000 dead. law enforcement officers are coming through evidence to see who attacked the boston mary on this and why. two bombs wept off and killed two people and injured nearly 30 others. investigators say police have found more explosives near the site. the bombs went off on monday afternoon. the first knocked back runners 30 meters from the finish. the second hit people a short distance away. emergency medical crews
poses a risk. nhk reports. >> reporter: the plaintiffs in this case had hoped for a legal victory. now they're coming to terms with their loss. >> translator: the court decision is really regrettable. >> reporter: the case centers on the plant in fukui prefecture. the operator restarted two reactors there last august. engineers said computer simulations showed the units would be able to sustain a major earthquake. but some residents weren't convinced. more than 260 of them filed an injunction to force the utility to stop the reactors. they argued faults near the units could be ak testify. and that a quake could trigger a major accident. the judges at the osaka district court disagreed. they ruled there's no evidence proving the faults are active. and they say the plant's operator has put sufficient safety measures in place. this is the first court decision on the safety of a nuclear plant following the accident at fukushima daiichi. plaintiffs across the country have filed more than ten similar cases. nhk world, osaka. >>> executives of japanese tell come giant soft bank say think will
the earthquake that sichuan. the trerm killed 193 -- the tremor killed over 93 people and injured over 1,000. nhk has more from the city near the epicenter. >> reporter: soldiers and police are still looking for survivors, the crucial first 72 hours has ed passed. chances of survival are said to drop rapidly after that. landslides caused by the tremor and aftershocks have blocked roads. workers are trying to clear roads to affected areas blocked by landslides. rain has been falling. this raises the risk of further landslides and other secondary disasters. the people that manage to escape are struggling. some 400,000 people lost their homes. they are trying to do what they can to survive in shelters. this village was hit hard by the quake. it lies 10 kilometers from the epicenter. over 90% of the houses were damaged. residents responded by building huts from bamboo and straw. about 20 people are sheltering in one. but the rain leaks in. >> translator: there's not enough space for everyone to lie down and sleep. we have to stay sitting and try not to get wet. our town's ruined. >> reporter: authori
, and they may review measures to keep americans safe. nhk world's reporter has more. >> reporter: this was the 117th running of the boston marathon. the world's oldest annual sporting event. more than 23,000 runners took part. several recounted the horror. >> i literally saw the garbage garl explode. i saw the flash, the fire and smoke and ran as fast as i could. >> it's unbelievable this would happen at an event like this, you know. >> reporter: public officials responded quickly to tighten security. the federal aviation administration implemented a no-fly zone over portions of boston. new york city police deployed police and strengthened protection around manhattan landmarks including major hotels. law enforcement officials in washington have increased security throughout the capital. they have barred pedestrians from pennsylvania avenue, the street that runs in front of the white house. u.s. president barack obama ordered an immediate investigation. >> earlier today i was briefed by my homeland security. we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any resp
. >>> an official spoke to nhk about the bird flu. >> translator: we've confirmed that most of the patients from shanghai went to marketplaces which were infected. there may be a large number of people who have been infected with the virus but are still healthy. we are surveying people who came in contact with patients monitoring their bloodstream for changes to antibody levels. >> an increasing number of areas in china are reporting cases of h7n9 infection. the number of people inif he canned now stands at 113. 23 people have died. >>> they ruled malaria day to stop the spread of a new drug resistant strain. health authorities in four countries have reported cases of the mosquito borne illness. they will district mosquito nets and test kits to diagnose in the early stages. if the news strain spreads to africa the damage will be immeasurable. >>> passengers could be flying aboard the dreamliner. 787 will be back in the air starting friday provided operators carry out repairs. they gave the green light to design changes to the battery system. the companies are expected to retrofit the planes, tes
to nuclear power. nhk has the details. >> reporter: this district is a historical area. it's famous for hot springs. it draws some 200,000 visitors per year. last sunday it celebrated the opening of a power facility. it uses hot water. each generator can produce 50 kilowatts of energy. hot springwater is passed through a pipe. it heats and the vaporizes a certain type of gas which has a lower boiling point than water. the vapor can be used to move the turbine and generate power. it ensures stable power supplies and almost no carbon dioxide emissions. this was one of the reasons the facility was built. a local power company is raising fees due to rising fuel costs and the weaker yen. residents are hoping that supplying their own power will help them cut costs. >> translator: higher electricity charges will make it harder to manage. it's a wonderful idea to produce power locally for regional consumption. >> reporter: at another hot spring, one company has begun generating electricity from the water expecting profits. in this prefecture, the boasts the top operation. it has about 3,000 springs
. >>> welcome back to nhk world "newsline." investigators in the u.s. have been studying fragments found at the boston marathon bombings. twin explosions near the finish line on monday killed three people and wounded more than 170 others. police say whoever carried out the attack could have followed bomb making instructions on the internet. investigators recovered a mad piece of metal that's thought to have been part of a pressure cooker. they also retrieved a nail that's about one centimeter long. doctors say they have found what appears to be nails inside the victims. the investigators discovered a u.s.-made battery attached to two wires and a small circuit board. they've been quoted in some american media as saying the circuit was likely used to detonate the bombs. they say the explosives may have been set off using timers. it's not difficult to turn pressure cookers into bombs. some media say it costs less than $100. the devices have been used in terrorist attacks in the u.s., afghanistan and elsewhere. investigators also recovered black nylon fibers at the scene. they suspect the bo
are steering clear of poultry. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." u.s. authorities are carrying out a large-scale manhunt around the city of boston, searching for a suspect they believe is responsible for the city's marathon bombings. a second suspect is dead. >>> media says they're brothers from chechnya. investigators accuse the men of killing a security guard earlier at the massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge. police say the pair car jacked a vehicle after that to make their escape. reuters reports they kept the driver hostage for about a half hour. officers caught up with them in nearby watertown. they engaged in a gunfight. residents heard shots and explosions. after police captured one of the suspects, they announced he had died. boston political identified the man on the run as the one in the white hat. they say he is 19 years old. the dead suspect was 26 years old. the brothers had been in the united states for several years. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. a man that's come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody. >> remain in your home, we're going
. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." u.s. and south korean troops have been carrying out exercises after exercise since the beginning of last month to prepare for any future conflict. the annual drills have angered north korea. now the media are getting an inside look at the operation which is called "full eagle." the troops showed part of an exercise to journalists in the southeastern city of qohang. about 2,000 personnel unloaded military supplies for ground combat troops from ships anchored nearby. they're preparing for the possibility that an enemy attack would destroy ports. the u.s. and south korea plan to continue to do the annual drills until the end of this month. north korean leaders said last week they would agree to dialogue with the countries if they suspended the drills. south korean officials are still concerned about a possible missile launch by pyongyang. >> translator: north korea doesn't appear to have removed its ballistic missiles from the sea of japan coast. >> analysts say the u.s. and south korea opened the exercise to the media apparently to show they will not to
they understand why the plane's batteries failed, but they don't know the exact cause. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." health authorities across asia have been on guard against the aggressive strain of the bird flu that's spreading in china. now those in taiwan say they've detected the first human infection involving the deadly h7n9 virus. taiwanese public health officials say a 53-year-old man developed the flu after returning from eastern chinese province of jiangsu. he stayed there from march 28 to april 9. officials say after the man returned home he complained of fever and fatigue and was hospitalized a week later. tests showed he had been infected with the h7n9 strain. the man reportedly had no contact with live poultry in china. so far 109 cases of the bird flu have been reported mainly in the eastern part of china, including shanghai and beijing. of them, 22 people have died. >>> rescuers in bangladesh are digging through debris to find survivors of a deadly building collapse. an eight-story structure on the outskirts of the capital dhaka crumbled to the ground. local media say mor
the situation. some fishermen are turning elsewhere for help. nhk has more. >> reporter: this man takes pictures under the sea near disaster areas. he captures images of the rubble from the great east japan earthquake. the water is still cold in february. but this doesn't hold him back. cars, homes, they all got washed into the sea by the tsunami. but amid the devastation, he finds life. in february, a collection of his photos was published as a book. ever since, he's traveled to events around japan. he shows his photographs and talks about the condition of the seafloor. >> translator: without that wreckage, the ocean looks scary at first. but in the end, the photos gave me hope. that was good. >> translator: i want to show new life emerging in the sea near the disaster area. i believe these photos will give hope to people who may have been discouraged before. >> reporter: at the end of february, he traveled to iwate prefecture. some fishermen had invited him to take pictures. the fishery is here among japan's top producers of abalone, sea urchin and other luxury seafood. but after the disaster,
to these nations, the u.s. government is demonstrating the new defense strategy, rebalancing to asia. nhk world, singapore. >>> health authorities in china have found two more indications bringing the number of infections to nine. the number of patients may grow. a third man has died from h7n9. strain of flu not detected in people. they warn the number of people infected by the virus may grow. local authorities in china announced wednesday a third man has died from the virus. a strain of avian flu not previously detected in people. w.h.o. spokesperson, gregory hartl, said the strain appears to have mutated making it more infectious to humans. speaking at the headquarters in geneva he cautioned against panic but predicted the number of patients will rise in the short term. >> we're a long ways away from thinking about a pandemic. we've only had, as i say, seven confirmed cases with a couple of other reported cases and no evidence of human to human transmission. >> w.h.o. administrators are coordinating with their counterparts in other organizations to determine if existing flu drugs can be used
day and new challenges for the workers. more from nhk world's reporter. >> reporter: this plant has sprung leeks. water is seeping in from underground from walls danged by the earthquake and tsunami. once inside it's contaminated. so it is a seemingly endless tafk, removing the water to underground storage tanks and pools. >> translator: there have been leeks since the state of cold shut town was achieved. but the recent case is probably the largest ever. >> reporter: the pools sit about 800 meters from the shore. but there's no fear that that water leaked into the ocean. tepco investigators suspect the problem lies with the design and construction of the facilities. each spool six meeters deep. crews poke add hole in the seats so they could insert a monitor to check leakage. the holes in the surface became the problem. the water pressure pulled the seats down. trade and industry minister asks them to fix the problem. >> translator: i would like you to make sure that contaminated water won't leak into the sea. >> reporter: the assurances from tepco have not calmed residents. >> tran
with faulty air bags. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." security analysts are working around the clock trying to figure out the state of play in north korea. officials in south korea, japan and the u.s. remain on high alert for a possible missile launch. they believe authorities in pyongyang could follow through on their threats at anytime. north degree yaps celebrated the first anniversary of kim jong-unbecoming their country's leader. >> com rad has brought us an epic change with his military mind. >> officials say forces are set to launch a medium-range miss ill from their country's east coast. they think it could travel toward the sea of japan or toward the pacific ocean. it could take place in the coming week. >> translator: we think north korea could conduct the launch on or around april 15th. we must keep close watch on when and how many missiles will be launched. >> on monday, north koreans will observe the birthday of the nation's founder kim il-sung. they're already marking another event. it's been one year since kim jong-un took other as ruler of the working party. >>> we wa
they still don't know him or what he'll do next. nhk world. >> officials in pyongyang say that an industrial park that the two koreas have run together may disappear. park says no country or company would invest in the north if officials there continue to break international rules and promises. north korean officials said the suspension was temporary, but they blame park for bringing the complex to the brink of closure. this is the first time they've criticized her by name since she took office. she acknowledged people are worried about the situation. but she said south korean leaders were handling the situation with a strong military deterrence and that citizens were calm. >> translator: i say with confidence that the south will remain a safe and stable place in which to make investments and do business. >>> south korea's stock index fell to its lowest level this year. south korean leaders want to keep investment and tourists coming. they say their country is safe. >>> south korea says the amount north korea has spent onity nuclear and missile development programs is enough to buy a three y
. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in north korea are celebrating an important holiday as people elsewhere continue to watch the country's leaders. north korea's citizens are observing what would have been the 101st birthday of the nation's founder kim il-sung. leader kim jong-un marked the day by visiting his grandfather's mausoleum. >> state-run tv reports kim was accompanied by close aides, including his uncle and mentor. it was kim's first appearance on state media since a session of the north korean parliament two weeks ago. people in neighboring countries fear he'll mark the holiday by ordering the test of a ballistic missile. pictures out of pyongyang send a different message. presidents have laid flowers. at statues of kim il-sung and kim jong-il. >>> north korea's leaders have made repeated threats targeting people in other countries, in spite of repeated calls for restraint. officials in pyongyang escalated tensions after u.n. security council members approved stricter sanctions. they were responding to north korea's third nuclear test. the country's military leaders ha
. a japanese court ruled there wasn't enough evidence showing the nuclear plant poses a risk. nhk reports. >> reporter: the plaintiffs in this case had hoped for a legal victory. now they're coming to terms with their loss. >> translator: the court decision is really regrettable. >> reporter: the case centers on the ohi plant in fukui prefecture. the operator restarted two reactors there last august. engineers said computer simulations showed the units would be able to sustain a major earthquake. but some residents weren't convinced. more than 260 of them filed an injunction to force the utility to stop the reactors. they argued faults near the units could be active. and that a quake could trigger a major accident. the judges at the osaka district court disagreed. they ruled there's no evidence proving the faults are active. and they say the plant's operator has put sufficient safety measures in place. this is the first court decision on the safety of a nuclear plant following the accident at fukushima daiichi. plaintiffs across the country have filed more than ten similar cases. nhk worl
leader has come here in 27 years. she spoke to nhk about the pace of democratization and reform, relations with the military, and her political future. nhk world's satoru aoyama has more. >> reporter: aung san suu kyi has traveled around the world seeking help in her country's quest for democracy and economic expansion. she's now asking japanese leaders for their support. >> if you want to hope for something, you've got to work for it too. >> reporter: myanmar returned to civilian law two years ago. president thein sein released political prisoners and abolished republication censorship of the media, among other policy changes. he won international praise and nations eased sanctions against the country, which is also known as burma. aung san suu kyi's national league for demracy, the largest opposition, won 43 of the 45 seats up for grabs last year in parliamentary bi-elections. she became a member of parliament. she says her country still has a long way to go. >> for me reform means real change in the lives of our people, and i don't think there has been enough progress in that
. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> residents of a small town in the u.s. state of texas are reeling following a powerful explosion at a fertilizer plant. the blast blew up homes and buildings. police say it killed between 5 and 15 people and injured more than 160. they're investigating if it was an accident or a crime. the explosion happened in the town of west in central texas. it caused an earth tremor that people reported feeling in the city of dallas more than 100 kilometers away. more than 50 buildings including a nursing home collapsed or were badly damaged. several firefighters are reported missing. >> the casualty numbers, i don't have a hard number to give to you at this point. they are still working on that. i can tell you that it is estimated anywhere from 5 to 15 at this point. >>> police say firefighters cannot approach for fear of toxic fumes. about half of the town's population have evacuated their homes. >>> u.s. officials have released no in information on the progress of their investigation, but some media are reporting about a possible smt. monday's twin explosion
and injured more than 11,000. 23 others are missing. nhk reports. >> reporter: aid workers are trying to rescue people trapped under collapsed houses and buildings. the chance of survival of such victims is said to plummet after the third full day. but providing assistance in the mountainous regions is difficult. >> translator: many mountain areas were hit. taking the injured to hospitals takes two hours. >> reporter: the original tremor and aftershocks have caused landslides, block roads to the areas. nearly 10,000 troops are doing rescue work on foot. the large rock made impossible. people who managed to evacuate are still far from safe. this village is an hour's drive from a county near the quake's focus. the earthquake crushed roofs and walls. no electricity or water is available. residents have received few relief supplies. >> translator: i need food for my baby. only bottled water and instant noodles were distributed today. i gave ours to my child. >> reporter: villages have set up makeshift tents in the fields. >> translator: the elderly have nothing to eat. children and sick p
strikes, terrorist attacks and a war. she died monday morning after suffering a stroke. nhk world has more from london. >> reporter: thatcher became britain's first female prime minister in 1979. she led the country for 11 years. she cut taxes and privatized state run corporations. she relaxed financial regulations and fought labor unions. current british prime minister david cameron praised her achievements. >> real thing about margaret thatcher is that she didn't just lead our country, she saved our country. and i believe she'll go down as the greatest british peacetime prime minister. >> reporter: thatcher was in power when argentina invaded the falkland islands in 1982. she responded by sending a military task force. they retook the islands after 74 days of fighting. she worked with u.s. president ronald reagan to help end the cold war. >> she never changed her mind. and that was really important. that you stick to a policy, rightly or wrongly. >> when she forced through and got the changes done. and her legacy lives on today. >> reporter: her policies were divisive. all agreed she cha
a reality in the near future. >> the alliance will not remain bystander. nato secretary general spoke to nhk during a visit to japan. he called on them to join dialogue for a peaceful solution. >> i hope the message that they have sent to the north korean leadership will give a clear incentive to the north korean leadership to pursue dialogue and refrain from further provocative actions. >> he also said nato will stand by its allies. >> if a nato ally is attacked, it will probably be raised for consultation among nato ally the. nato allies will discuss the situation and make decisions based on the specific circumstances. >> north korea has been threatening to attack targets in the u.s. and allied countries. >>> america's second largest tv provider has launched a counter bid for sprint nextel. dish network is challenging japan's bank. they have offered over $25 billion in cash and stocks for sprint. that's 13% more than soft bank's proposal. they offered to buy 70% of sprint shares last october for $20 billion. dish's challenge could trigger a bidding war. board members will study the offer c
within north korea reacts sharply. >>> welcome to nhk "newsline". u.s. prosecutors have charged the surviving suspect in the bombings at the boston marathon. they accused dzhokhar tsarnaev of using a weapon of mass destruction. he could face the death penalty. the 19-year-old suspect remains in a boston hospital where he is being treated for his wounds. the justice department said in a statement that he faces a second charge of malicious destruction of property resulting in death. prosecutors accuse tsarnaev and his older brother, tamerlan, of setting off two bombs last week near the finish line of the race. three people were killed. more than 170 were injured. the older brother died on friday after a shootout with police. u.s. media are reporting that dzhokhar tsarnaev told investigators that he and his brother planned and carried out the attacks by themselves. he said they were motivated by religion but had no involvement with terrorist groups. reports say the brothers learned how to make bombs on the internet. white house press secretary jay carney said tsarnaev will be tried
water. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." first we again with the death of margaret thatcher. she led the country for 11 years. her legacy includes the privatization of dozens of state-run corporations. she also eased financial regulations and cut taxes. thatcher worked with u.s. president ronald reagan to counter the influence of communist countries. she was dubbed the iron lady for her uncompromising stance. >>> a north korean official says his country is pulling staff from a project that has become a symbol of inter-korean cooperation. 53,000 north korean workers have been working at the kaesong industrial complex. state-run media said officials will temporarily halt activities at the industrial park. the official claim that they have been abusing the complex for what he called provocations. he said the north would halt all difficult at the park. the first such operation since 2004. he said officials will decide whether or not to keep the complex open. they have added to tensions between the two koreas. last week they started to refuse to allow south korean workers to enter. a spok
an investigation. police told nhk that the man's activism attracted the attention of a wrong people who then gunned him down. >> translator: there must be a mastermind hiring the hit man. because of this killing is as what the media said, and the residents have known this all along. >> reporter: human rights advocates warn that this case is not uncommon. >> since 2010, more than 35 environmentalist and human right defenders have been killed with little investigation by law enforcement. let alone any successful prosecution of the perpetrators so there is a culture of impunity, a culture of violence. >> reporter: the tragic incident left a widow wife struggling to raise three children without a husband. >> translator: my husband used to say if he did nothing about this problem the next generation would only have to suffer more. now he's no longer with me. i believe he knows i will do everything i have learned from him and seen him doing because i was with my husband all the time. >> reporter: a police investigation is under way, but so far it has failed to yield any arrests. the truth remains elusive
culture will be rewritten. nhk reports. >> reporter: the sounds of drums welcomed back fans to kabuki's traditional home. followers of the centuries-old art beat a path to the door. >> translator: it's a once-in-a-lifetime event, so i'm so glad to be here. >> reporter: workers first built this theater more than a century ago. crews have rebuilt it several times after a fire in 1921, after bombing during the second world war, and again four years ago when they decided it needed another makeover. architects set the kabukiza within a structure that rises 29 stories above ground with 4 levels below. offices and stores surround a theater that seats more than 1,800 people. technicians upgraded the sound system. and they installed screens that display the actors' lines in japanese or in english. producers hope the upgrades will draw a new generation to the theater. fans of kabuki have been looking forward to this day for years. the weather didn't help. still, people started lining up as early as 3:00 in the morning to be among the first to get inside. the lucky ones got tickets for the openi
with no experience of nuclear war understand why it should be feared. "nhk world," hiroshima. >>> camera after camera caught a meteor rite crashing into central russia. this was the only recording of the meteor rite. reporting from moscow. >> reporter: with video like this, it fascinated viewers. in this footage, an airplane cra crashes. here, it is close. the real life incidents are almost impossible not to watch. all of them were shot in russia. >> ah! >> they are captured by cameras mounted inside cars. that's why there are cameras key in this moscow store with navigation systems. their price has come down, too, around $100 from what they used to cost. one of the medium such cameras are estimated to be used in russia. >> translator: it's like an airplane's flight recorder. there are many models on the market. they're becoming more popular. >> reporter: the cameras began with a traffic accident three years ago in a hit-and-run in moscow and the occupant s of th car were killed. the owner of the car, a vice president of an oil company was found not at fault. people became angry. saying does the blam
maritime advancement in check. nhk reports. >> reporter: the uss freedom is also known as a total combat ship. it is designed to operate in shallow waters close to shore, making it effective where other combat ships cannot engage. the ship measures 118 meters long by 17 meters wide and can accelerate to more than 70 kilometers per hour in two minutes. the uss freedom is capable of functions ann tie submarine functions anti-submarine operations and mine sweeping. the u.s. plans to station up to four of these ships in singapore. >> mainly, our navy has really focused in more the blue water area. further out to sea. and we've had somewhat a seem in our ability to locate close to land. >> reporter: the vessels are equipped with advanced radar systems. the ships are capable of carrying antisubmarine helicopters and high speed boats. experts say the new equipment will sharply increase the intelligence gathering abilities of navy vessels. in a meeting earlier this month, u.s. president barack obama expressed appreciation for singapore's cooperation. they are moving ahead with a new strategy. si
to nhk in tokyo. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. burns stressed both sides should discuss the matter calmly to avoid inflaming tensions. burns says the u.s. does not take a position on the sovereigntissue but acknowledged that the isnds are adnistered bjapa >> we call upon all parties to deal with this issue in an exclusively peaceful manner, to avoid actions which might risk miscalculations or risk rising tensions. it is very important to deal with this issue in a calm and constructive manner. >> burns also mentioned a recent series of talks between u.s. senior officials and chinese leaders. he said his country will strengthen ties with china through diplomatic and military routes and that u.s.-china relaons are very importantor creang provocation by north korea. >>> asia wants to have an eu style economic community. leaders have begun talkings on forming a single market by 2015. the two-day summit began on wednesday. the prime minister welcomed the leaders at a banquet. the agenda is likely to include a plan to liberalize investment ps the the leader
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